Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Australian Lodges Participate in National Tree Day: 2 Aug

Members, family and friends of both lodges pose for a photo before the tree planting.

Two Sydney Lodges, Lodge Star of Australia No 200 and Lodge Education No 814 participated in Planet Ark's National Tree Day last 2 August at one of the five Blacktown City Council's Tree Day sites; Everton Reserve at Cobbler Crescent, Minchinbury.

According to Blacktown City Council's web site:

"National Tree Day is Australia's largest community tree-planting event which has seen over 2 million volunteers plant over 13 million native trees and shrubs. This result has been achieved through the efforts of many local Councils, schools and community groups who have supported the event over the years."

In conjunction with Planet Ark, the 14 year old event helps to "improve the local environment and contribute" to one of the City's and Australia's best features - bushlands and trees.

This is what Past Master WBro Peter Galacio has to say about the event via an email:

After the event, the delegation took a breather to take another souvenir on the tree planting site.

"Brethren, families and friends of Lodge Education No. 814 and Lodge Star of Australia No. 200, you all deserved acclamations and monumental "thank yous" for the great effort you've done in Everton Park last Sunday morning.

Some might view it as a huge efffort and some will think of it as nothing. But "YOU'VE MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE!" You have given back something to our community; you have improved the biodiversity and aesthetic aspect of the park [in the future] and most of all you've taken the critical steps to alleviate the environmental crisis through your fraternity.

Some of you were surprised that members/staff of the sponsor [Toyota] asked what's your organization. Maybe they lack the knowledge of Freemasonry as a fraternal organisation, [as a reminder our group was booked three days ahead of the event]but you've given them a very positive introduction to our great fraternity.

Part of the delegation: Young Sheryl and Rachel shown here planting some of the tree saplings.

Some brought along your grandkids, sons, daughters, relatives, friends and partner. Justin; probably 5 years old is the youngest in the group and who knows who is the oldest. You've imparted that noble virtue of volunteering to all especially to the hope of the future, our youth.

Brethren, as you have happily shown your emblem with Masonic action to make a difference, "LET'S MAKE IT BIGGER IN THE FUTURE!""

Fraternally yours,

Peter B. Galacio, PM
Lodge Education No. 814

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