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SK WBro Tony Patricio Drops Working Tools: Aug 2009


The remains of the late SK Worshipful Brother Tony Patricio will arrive from Houston, Texas on the 25th of August and will be available for a 3 day viewing from the 26th to the 28th at 46 Cordillera Street, Quezon City.

A masonic rite may be performed on the 28th. He will be buried on the 29th.

For your information.

Bro James A Olayvar
Kagitingan Lodge No. 286
Makati City


We wish to offer our prayers and condolences to the family and friends of our Sir Knight, WBro Tony Patricio. May he rest in peace.

Pinoy Masons Worldwide


May magbibgay na ba ng masonic [funeral] rites? Bro Tony has participated and/or joined masonic [funeral] rites with me and it would therefore be a great pleasure and honor for me to perform the masonic funeral rites to this true and faithful brother.

Bro Mariano "Mar" Remoquillo, PM


I was informed that the brethren of Pintong Bato Lodge No. 51 (Bacoor, Cavite), of which Bro Tony was the Immediate Past Master, will perform the masonic funeral rite for him. However, I suggest be around and prepare to assist them just in case. Thanks.

Bro James A Olayvar
Kagitingan 286

------------------------  23 June 2011 - Lest we forget... ------------------

Somewhere among today's posts was a story about Shifty of the Screaming Eagles. Tony Patricio was one of our very own, and I feel his passing away also deserves revisiting memories about him.

Sometime in the early 70's, as a segundo camote in the Pinoy Marines on cross training with the US Marines in Subic, I led a platoon that was to link up with some Yanks who were supposed to give us live ammo for a field session of combat zeroing techniques (part of the training protocol was nobody among the training participants were to carry live ammo while at Subic's Jungle Environment Survival Training [JEST]area).

Well, I didn't find any American at the designated spot but I soon saw somebody waving a red hankie while sitting on the edge of a high precipice above a raging stream. When my platoon reached him, we saw he was armed lightly but alone and his feet were propped over two ammo boxes which were right beside the dropoff. He asked for ID and made me sign some papers. As he was leaving on foot, I was left admiring his street smarts. He was alone in an insurgent infested area, but he was prepared. If he felt any danger, all he had to do was kick over the ammo boxes into the raging stream below and make a run for it. Then whoever had designs on the ammo would be left running after him at the same time looking for each of the ammo scattered among the rocks of the stream. Who would ever imagine I would meet that same grunt some thirty years later as Bro. Tony Patricio.

Bro. Tony was US Navy and was a warrant officer when he retired. He served in Vietnam and who knows where else. He said he was with logistics, but would not talk much about his service. I took him to task about what he was doing at JEST (alone at that) during ReconEx between USMC and Pinoy Force Recon guys (pretty hush hush in both worlds). He said it was a long story (and ended with a look that said, END OF DISCUSSION). But, wow, Bro Tony was one hell of a Mason-fellowship guy.

Both of us had this love affair with brewed coffee and home rolled cigars - and beer! We had this understanding, he brings all kinds of coffee grinds while I bring all kinds of tobacco leaf.

Everytime we meet at the Tree House (a run down nipa hut under GLP's Plaridel Temple old acacia trees), you will know that it was a fellowship with Bro. Tony around. There would be this bouquet of brewed coffee and the 'stink' of native tobacco wafting in the air, the mix would be like the smell of durian. Those who can stand the odors stay and partake of the different kind of beer that Tony would bring in addition to the local ones.

I once asked him which among the seats in the lodge line of progression he found most memorable. With a twinkle on his eyes, he says 'Junior Warden' and he would qoute - "to me was committed the superintendence of the Craft during the hours of refreshment and I was admonished that it was indispensably necessary that not only must I be temperate and discreet in the indulgence of my own inclinations but must also see to it that none of the Craft be suffered to convert the means of refreshments into into intemperance and excess". Wor Bro Tony Patricio, Past Master, Pintong Bato No. 51, GLP, Junior Warden Par Excellence!

I pray for his soul's eternal rest, but I also grieve that I will find it hard to meet another one of his mold.

Labong Lodge No. 59, GLP
Iloilo City

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FilMasons NSW said...

Dear Bro James..

Your below message noted.Have passed same to acting Worshipful Master Albert Macion of Pintong Bato Lodge No. 51 (GLP) Bacoor Cavite for arrangement of Masonic [Funeral] Rites.

Thank you for the information.

Fraternally yours,

Brod Tony de Guzman, PM/PDGL
Pintong Bato Lodge No. 51 (GLP)

Location : San Leandro CA