Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bro Fred G McCaw, Jr: - 15 Sept 1940 - 17 Aug 2009

1st Degree - June 16, 1988 2nd Degree - July 14, 1988 3rd Degree - August 18, 1988

"Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy resting place! Bright and glorious be thy rising from it! Fragrant be the acacia sprig that there shall flourish! May the earliest buds of spring unfold their beauties o'er thy resting place, and there may the sweetness of the summer's last rose linger longest! Though the winds of Autumn may destroy the loveliness of their existence, yet the destruction is not final, and in the springtime, they shall surely bloom again. So, in the bright morning of the resurrection, thy spirit shall spring into newness of life and expand in immortal beauty, in realms beyond the skies. Until then, dear Brother, until then, farewell!"


We are sorry to inform you that Bro.·. Fred G. Mc Caw, Jr. of Palmdale, California passed away last night (August 17, 20090 at 7:45 p.m.
We will keep you posted of more detailed schedule of his viewing and interment as soon as they become available.

Please inform those whom I have not reached through this email list.

Attached [as above] is a tribute to his memory.

May he rest in peace!

Sincerely & fraternally,

Arnold "Dong" Makil Abaya
Sublime Benicia Lodge #5, F&AM, Benicia, CA
Saigon Lodge #188, F&AM, Manila, Phil.
Jacques DeMolay Mem. Lodge #305, F&AM, Manila, Phil.
Frank Reed Horton Mem. Lodge #379, F&AM, Q.C., Phil.
Current Location: Hercules, California


FilMasons NSW said...

We extend to the bereaved family of our Bro Fred G. McCaw Jr our sincere sympathy in their hour of sorrow...May he rest in peace...

"It is not how long you live that counts but it is how you enjoy your life!!!

William Rabara "bradpans" Francia
Pinatubo Lodge #52, San Narciso, ZambalesSouth West lodge #283, National City, CA
Hometown: Sto Nino San Felipe, Zambales
Current location: San Diego,

Josephine said...

This is Fred's youngest daughter, Josephine. Thank you so much for acknowledging my father. Please add my poem dedicated to him on this blog. If you want to look up his children, go on my facebook and search Josephine Trinidad McCaw Reed. I would like to attach a poem I wrote for him,Who can I send it to? You can see it published on my facebook.