Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SGTS 296 Hiram Awardee 2009

Worshipful Sirs and Brethren,

Join me in congratulating WBro Ben Billena, PM (Past Potentate-Al Bahr Shrine, San Diego) for his selection as the Silver Gate - Three Stars Lodge 296's Hiram Award recipient for the Masonic Year 2009.

WBro Ben, you really deserve this prestigious award. Your hard work, contributions and dedication to the Craft and to the Lodge can not be measured. Well done my Brother, again, congratulations.

Carding Edra, PM
Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge No 296
San Diego, CA


"The Hiram Award is an award presented to a Master Mason who has served the Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity with devotion over and above the ordinary. It is the highest honor other than being Master of the Lodge that can be bestowed on a member of a Masonic Lodge.

The award consists of a Certificate and a Medallion. The Medallion has the Square and Compass with the letter G in the center all of which are encircled with a Laurel Wreath. Around this are the words "Hiram Award, Dedicated Service." The back of the Medallion has a representation of the Seal of The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of California."

According to Bro Walter L. Kemmerer, long time member of Los Angeles Harbor (formerly San Pedro) Lodge No. 332; Consultant to the Grand Lodge Film and Ceative Projects Committee and the originator of Hiram Award:

"The first Hiram Award was presented by Worshipful Vern L. Belcher at San Pedro Lodge No. 332 F. & A.M. on February 8, 1964. The recipient was Past Master, 1932, Andrew D. Miller, Jr. It was held in the lodge room for Master Masons only.

"The question arises as to who shall receive the highest award Grand Lodge and Blue Lodge can bestow upon a brother. The answer is a worthy Master Mason. How many should a lodge have in one year? The answer is one per year. It should never be a secret presentation.

"Also, the candidate must be notified once he has been selected to receive the Hiram Award so that he can invite his friends and relatives. Some have traveled from the [US] East Coast to attend a presentation. There was a case where two sisters and a brother came from the East Coast to see their brother receive the award and they had not seen him for 32 years.

"There shall never be more than one Hiram Award presented in one evening and no other presentation should be made. Positively, never two or three at the same time. In one case we heard of a lodge having eight in one evening. Remember, brethren, this is a solemn event and when you have more than one you take away from the very reason you are honoring a brother with the greatest award his lodge can give - it is his night and his night alone."


FilMasons NSW said...


Worshipful Bro. Ben Billena as the SGTS 2009 Recipient of the Hiram Award.


Rudy Alquero, PM
Black Mountain Lodge #845
San Diego, CA
HT: Floridablanca, Pampanga

FilMasons NSW said...

Hats-off to you, WB Ben!

Congratulations from the brethren of Indang Masonic Lodge No. 115.

On the level,

Bro Elmer Astudillo
WM - Indang Masonic Lodge No. 115
Masonic District Region IV-A

FilMasons NSW said...

WB Ben,

Congratulations! When and what time is the awarding ceremony?


Larry de Vera
National City, CA

FilMasons NSW said...

Can't be any better for one of two ACTIVITY LODGE SD CA member-contenders to get the coveted prize !!!

Well done indeed Sir Potentate Ben ...

All the best . . .

"Those who can make you believe
absurdities can also make you
commit atrocities - Voltaire

Bro Pete M. Velasco, Jr.
Siete Martires Lodge :: 177
City of San Fernando, La Union

FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyang Ben,


You deserve to win this prestigious Hiram award, again my congratulations!

On the Level,

Gus A. Garcia, PM
Anacapa Lodge # 710, GL of Ca.
Oxnard, Ca. 93035
CL: Oxnard, Ca.
HT: Guagua, Pampanga,Phil.

FilMasons NSW said...

WB Ben,

This is long past due and it's about time. Kudos for all your super Masonic undertakings!

Alexius Jaravata, PM
Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge # 296
San Diego CA

FilMasons NSW said...

Congrats WB Ben!!!

Raul Sebastian A. Laman

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." gibran

Tamaraw 65 (Mother Lodge)
Zobel 202
Beacon 213

FilMasons NSW said...

I would like to add my Congratulations too!

Bro Rudy Bautista Sr.
SWL # 283
Nat'l City, CA

FilMasons NSW said...

Congratulations WB Ben.


"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips."

Christopher C. Gunn
Black Mountain Lodge #845
San Diego, CA.

FilMasons NSW said...

Our deserving Brother that works hard for the craft. He is always our mentor here in San Diego and our source of any Masonic questions specially for new Masons like us.

Whenever controversy arises our first words that comes out is "Lets ask Worshiful Potentate".

He is our fatherly figure here in Activity and will always be proud to be associated with such a humble true Mason at heart.

Bro "Big J" Jerry Fabula

FilMasons NSW said...

I spoke to the Worshipful Brother Potentate last night and congratulated him on his achievements and for the recepient of the 'Hiram Award', and typically, his response to me was ,

"Thank you, my brother, but this Award is not mine but for everybody !"

Hmmmmmmm ..... does that mean I got the award too? heheheehe:)

Maybe not ! talking about humility, this brother has it. That's what Masonry is all about too !

Bro Cesar Mata