Thursday, August 27, 2009


Mga kuyang,

I am glad to announce to you that the official website of BIRTH, Inc. is now up and running.

Please visit for more details.

Birth of BIRTH, Inc.

In the early part of the year 2000, a small group of BIR employees who were all MMs would meet in the office of VW Bro Percival T. Salazar after office hours and have fellowship until the rush hour traffic had eased off. News travelled fast that MMs in the BIR regularly met and soon the number of attendees swelled. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to know that there were that many enthusiastic MMs in the BIR!

Many informal fellowships followed and on 06 October 2000 the 1st group fellowship meeting was held at Balanghai Restaurant located at Panay Avenue, Quezon City, with thirteen (13) Brethren and one (1) petitioner (RDO Rogelio C. Fermin) in attendance.

In due time, a proposal was made that MMs at the BIR join a Lodge as a group which was unanimously approved. The unanimous choice was Manuel A. Roxas Memorial Lodge No. 152 for reason of affinity as the Charter Members and pillars of said Lodge were BIR old-timers who had since either died or became inactive Members. At that same time, the Lodge was in dire need of Active Dual Members.

However, for one reason or another, the plan did not receive a responsive chord from some Officers of the Lodge and so it was abandoned. Instead the group decided to incorporate as a Masonic Club, hence the birth of BIRTH, INC.

Fraternally yours,

Nelzon P. Villanueva
High 12 Lodge # 82
Current Location: Quezon City

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