Monday, August 17, 2009

No Host Fellowship 2009

Greetings Brethren!

I am pleased to inform you that last Thursday, August 13, 2009, a “NO HOST FELLOWSHIP” was held at Airport Juan, Airport Road , Pasay City. The first similar fellowship was held in March 2007.

The affair was attended by 51 brethren from the Grand Lodge of the Philippines [GLP], Independent Grand Lodge of the Philippine Island [IGLPI] and the Grand Logia National de Filipinas [GLNF].

It was an event which united the attendees who exchanged pleasantries, knew each other better and considered future activities of the same nature. The atmosphere was of harmony and mutual respect. It could be felt that deeply rooted in the hearts of the attendees were brotherly love, relief, truth, liberty, equality and fraternity. There was never a dull moment during the fellowship. Attendees transferred from one table to another taking this rare opportunity to meet and know others. It was a dream and a wish come true.

The suggestion of the next fellowship on the first week of December of this year was agreed upon. This time attendees will bring toys which will be distributed to an orphanage and share the spirit of Christmas with orphaned children on the second week of December.

The purpose and rules for future fellowships were likewise agreed upon to wit: NO HOST FELLOWSHIP

PURPOSE For Filipino Masons to meet in harmony, with mutual respect for one another and having a common denominator …. Brotherly Love, Relief, Truth, Liberty , Equality and Fraternity. It is not intended to discuss rituals, principles, internal affairs, conflicts and other concerns of the brethren’s respective jurisdiction/ obedience. It is not further intended to discuss religion and politics.

RULES 1. No speeches/discussion s about Freemasonry 2. No Masonic regalia, banners and the like to be worn or displayed 3. This is purely getting to know each other and fellowship

INVITATION To the Filipino Masons regardless of jurisdiction/ obedience who wish to attend.

I am likewise sharing with you pictures taken during this event. May the GAOTU bless and guide all Masons withersoever dispersed.

With my warmest fraternal embrace,

Bro. Ben Apacible
Kalilayan Lodge No. 37, Lucena City
Araw Lodge No. 18, Manila

[The moderator apologises that he can not publish all photos submitted due to space limitation.]

More pictures here, GLNF Multiply site.

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FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyang Abel Abuyo Diaz:

Mawalang-galang po, Mabunying Kapatid. Itong si Ka Pule2 ay na-antig manood ng inyong mga larawang kuha sa "No-Host Fellowship" na (sa di-sapat marahil na pagkabatid ay) kaugnay pa rin sa sinimulan ni Kuyang Ben Apacible nung nakaraang ikalawang taon, na sinikap sansalain the pamunuan ng Grand Lodge of the Philippines, kung hindi namamali.

Napakaganda po ng mga larawan. Ang himutol lamangh ni Ka Pule2 ay walang mga pangalang nakatala ang naroong mga Kapatid.

Meron pa pong nais itanong si Ka Pule2, kung hindi magiging masama. Ang ritwal po kayang ginagamit sa Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas ay sa salitang Espanyol din? At kung hindi, eh anong lengwahe po kaya?

Isang dukhang Kapatid na walang humpay sa paghanap ng liwanag sa pandaigdigang Kapatiran.

Pauna po ang masuyong pasalamat.

Gumagalang; at kung pag-uutusan,

KaPule2 (a.k.a.) Bro. Irineo Perez Goce
Laong Laan :: # 185, GLP -- Mother & LML
Lodge Perla del Oriente No. 1034, SC -- Affiliate