Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations to Hon Amb Macarthur F. Corsino: 19 June 2008

"Together Brethren!

Congratulations to Bro Macarthur "Mac" F. Corsino of Mt Kaladias Lodge No 91, Dumaguete City. He is truly a gem and brings honor to our fraternity.

Last June 19, 2008, Bro Mac took his oath as Philippine Ambassador to Cuba, with concurrent jurisdiction over the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica, before Hon. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto G. Romulo.

His ambassadorial appointment by the President was confirmed by the Commission on Appointments last June 11, 2008 and will assume his post sometime August. He is returning to Oman soon where he is still the Philippine Consul General, but should be back in RP next month or early August before departing for Havana."

As emailed by Bro Augusto "Gus" E. Alvarez, PDGL, Rafael Palma Lodge # 147.

According to Bro Joji Bulawin; (who also extends his congratulations to our new Honorable Ambassador) said that Bro Mac Corsino, Phd is his former professor at Silliman University and a brother DeMolay from Leon Kilat Chapter (now Dumaguete Chapter).

The Daily Tribune also reported: "Macarthur Corsino, chief of mission, class II, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Cuba with the concurrent jurisdiction over the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti and Jamaica."

Our congratulations to the Hon Amb and Brother Mac Corsino!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

"Thank You" VWBro Romulo Palacol Alcala, PDDGM

It has pleased the Great Architect of the Universe to call from the shores of time, from the bosom of a beloved family and the society of devoted Brethren, our VWB Romulo Palacol Alcala, PDDGM.

I am sensible that no effort of mine could pay an adequate tribute to the ennobling traits of character which (has ever) distinguished him in all his intercourse and associations with men, more particularly in our Fraternity. Just the same, I will try, as a gesture of thanking him for what I’ve become as a Master Mason (as I am) today.

VW Romy has left to us; who loved and admired him, a name which we will hereafter fondly cherish, so beautifully sublime in its perfect resignation to the will of Providence, to feel “that He doeth all things well.”

We pay tribute to his worth, and will borne him to the grave and will leave him wrapped in his quiet slumbers. We will look upon his tomb, and there, his once active form lies cold and still, robed in the habiliments of the grave; his genial eye is closed, and his hand so wont to grasp our own is still and calm in death; the soul which inspired it has fled; his cheek is no longer flushed with hope and he has no part in anything that is done on earth.

How forcibly this event reminds us that we are but travelers on the stormy ocean of life; and we feel that he has only crossed the ocean of time to another land and a fairer clime, and that his spirit will rise above the din and mists of earth and float amid the sunlight of the Celestial Lodge above.

VW Romy had no doubt excelled in dedicating himself to be respectable in life and in our Craft. He is a kind thoughtful brother who has always displayed an intense interest for the welfare of the Craft. He has practically educated our generation in the knowledge of Freemasonry. He has never failed to assist at every opportunity. He is a highly informed brother, respected, loved and admired throughout the Craft, which in itself is a testimony to his outstanding character.

He tirelessly taught us (about)the floor works and rituals, proper decorum, Masonic principles, laws and jurisprudence, and guided us to grasp the true meaning of what Freemasonry is. He was a vigorous advocate of the true Masonry within us. VW Romy is the epitome of the adage, “The true Mason labors for the benefit of those who are to come after him.”

Thus, go well, our dear Very Worshipful Brother, knowing full well that you have not only fulfilled your "Charge" but you have indeed led it!!!

By Bro. Abner Valenzuela
Pinagsabitan Lodge No. 26
Santa Cruz, Laguna

Condolences: VWBro Romulo P. Alcala, PDDGM

Mga Kapatid,

Ang mga kapatid na bumubuo ng Sierra Madre Lodge 181, Paete, Laguna,MD RIV-B, ay buong pusong nakikiramay sa pamilya, kamag-anak,at kaibigan ni VW Romulo P. Alcala.

Sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa... tanggapin nawa siya ng maluwalhati ni GAOTU sa kanyang kaharian...

Paalam kapatid na Romy...

Rod A. Adricula
Sierra Madre Lodge 181
Paete, Laguna


Kuya Rod,

Napaka lungkot ng pahayag mong ito. Wala ako ngayon sa Pilipinas at paki pahatid sa mga naiwanan ni Kuyang Romy ang taos pusong pakikiramay sa kanyang maagang pagpunta sa lugar na wala pang nakakabalik.

Bro Joe, Sis Eva at Rainbow Andrea Aspuria


The brethren of Malinaw Lodge No. 25, F&AM extend to the bereaved family, relatives and friends of our departed brother, VW Romulo P. Alcala our sincere sympathy in this hour of sorrow. We know that your spirit is now with the GAOTU in that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Farewell my brother.....

Romulo M. Escondo, PM
Malinaw Lodge No. 25


Mga Kapatid,

Ako ay buong puso rin nakikiramay sa pagyao ng aking naging Guro, Tagapayo, Kaibigan, Mentor, at Kapatid. Nakapanghihinayang, pero ang lahat at may kadahilanan. Ipinagmamalaki ka namin Utol Romy.

Spc. Jose Carlo R. Delos Santos US Army
Ambrocio F. Flores Chapter Order of De Molay,
Sierra Madre Lodge No. 181 Paete Laguna


I and the brethren of Dr Jose P. Rizal Lodge 270 (Calamba) are extending our deep condolences to the family of VW Romy Alcala, PDDGM Laguna. He is indeed a big loss to the fraternity as he is our guide in all our masonic works. He is a true friend and a man of God. May he rest in peace....as we pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

Bro. Boy Opina PDDGM
Dr.JP Rizal (Calamba)Lodge 270
Calamba City,Laguna


My family and I join the bereaved family, relatives and friends of VW Romy Alcala in deep prayers for the eternal repose of his soul.

So long, my very worthy brother. Well done.

Bro. Ramoncito B. Piaña, PJGL
Saranay Masonic Lodge no. 193
Guam, USA

"judge with candor, admonish with friendship, and reprehend with justice"


I am one of the granddaughters of Romulo P. Alcala. I was typing his name on Google hoping to know more about the man whom I admire but did not know as well as I should have, when chanced upon this site and read about the reverence with which my lolo's brothers hold him.

In behalf of the Alcala family, I am deeply humbled. He was a great man and it moves me and my family to know that our grief in his passing is shared by many people whose lives he has touched. I do not know you but I am certain that you mattered to my lolo and I thank you, in behalf of my family for remembering him.

Czarina Alcala Serrano

Friday, June 20, 2008

FilMasons Elected at UGL NSW & ACT Meet: 11 June

Three members of the FilMasons Association of NSW, Inc. Australia were elected and advanced to the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory (UGL NSW & ACT) 11 June Quarterly Communications.

The three brethren elected and advanced at the Grand Lodge meeting held at the Sydney Masonic Centre are as follows:

VWBro Fidel Pamplona, Deputy Grand Pursuivant, was appointed as Grand Standard Bearer.

VWBro Manny Maniago, DGIW of District 28, was elected as Grand Pursuivant.

VWBro Zaldy Angeles, Grand Steward, was elected as Deputy Grand Pursuivant.

"Some Masonic Grand Lodges have an office known as the Grand Pursuivant. The office is unknown at the local Masonic lodge level. It is the Grand Pursuivant's duty to announce all applicants for admission into the Grand Lodge by their names and Masonic titles; to take charge of the jewels and regalia of the Grand Lodge; to attend all communications of the Grand Lodge, and to perform such other duties as may be required by the Grand Master or presiding officer." (Wikipedia)

In an article on the FilMasons' Blogazine, Bro Louie Reyes further said:

"These brethren, along with RWB Rey Porras, PJGW, (now Regional Grand Counsellor, Region 11 and a District Commander and a 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Inspector General (SGIG) of the The Supreme Council 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Australia) are all veteran members of the UGL NSW & ACT's Ceremonial Team and their elections are a measure of the regard and respect in which they are held by the brethren in general and particularly those in Grand office."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

VWBro Danilo P. Lagbas, Jr Laid to Rest: 14 June 2008

"To All Masons Withersoever Dispersed:

At High Twelve earlier today; June 14, 2008, the remains of the late Congressman Danilo "Danny" P. Lagbas, Sr. (1st Dist. Misamis Oriental), PDGL, of then Masonic District 28; Past Master, Don Antonio T. Cosin Memorial Lodge #308; Institute Master, Misamis Oriental Lodge #335 was laid to rest at the Oro Gardens Memorial Gardens.

Notably present during the burial were MW Romeo A. Yu, PGM (during whose term as Grand Master VW Danny had served as DGL); and RW Peter Lim Lo Suy, DGM, together with several brethren from the different lodges of both Masonic Districts R10-A and R10-B, led by VW Peter M. Unabia and VW Jimmy Bernadas, respectively.

The night before, on June 13 at 7pm, the brethren of Don Antonio T. Cosin Memorial Lodge #308 (the mother lodge of VW Danny) performed the ritual of the Lodge of Sorrow with VWBro Oscar P. Musni, PJGL as sorrowful master. VW Musni, a former 3-term Provincial Board Member was VW Danny's colleague in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Misamis Oriental which the latter previously presided over as Vice-Governor.

VWBro Danny is survived by Sister Purita and their five children, including his namesake; Bro. Danilo Jr., MM of Misamis Oriental Lodge No. 335, and his brothers and sisters, three of which (WM Bernie Lagbas, Bro. Benedict Lagbas and Bro. Jerome P. Lagbas) are also members of Misamis Oriental Lodge No 335).


WBro. Abraham S. Olegario, Jr., PM, Secretary
Don Antonio T. Cosin Memorial Lodge No 308"

Our deepest condolences to Sister Purita and family; especially to our Brothers, Bro Danilo Jr., WMBro Bernie, Bro Benedict and Bro Jerome. Our prayers also goes to all of the relatives and friends of the late VWBro Danny.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No 305: Celebrates Crystal Anniversary

This month of June marks the Fifteen (15) years of existence of Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305 F.& A.M.

Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305: Celebrating 15 Years of Making Good Men Better!

Please click on this link to view our 15th anniversary video.

Bro. Cris M. GAERLAN
Jacques DeMolay M.L.305 F.&A.M.

Congratulations to the officers and members of Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge!

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Fallen Brother: Orlando S. Alcantara

We extend to the bereaved family and friends of Brother Orlando S. Alcantara, a member of Pilar Lodge No. 15, retired Fire Chief of Olongapo City:

Our sincerest sympathy in their hour of sorrow.

May he find peace and comfort with TGAOTU.

Masonic funeral services will be given by Unity Lodge No. 285, at Lincoln Masonic Temple in Olongapo City, June 5, 2008.

Until then my brother,Farewell!

Ricardo (Dick) F. Otero, Jr.
Bagong Buhay Lodge # 17, Cavite City
Unity Lodge # 285, Olongapo City
Current Location: Olongapo City

We offer our prayers and commiserations to the family and friends of the late Bro Orlando S. Alcantara. May he rest in peace.

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Torrance University Lodge No 394: Newly Installed Officers

WBro Carlos "Caloy" Antonio, a Past Master of William Rhodes Hervey Lodge No.767, congratulates the newly installed officers of Torrance University Lodge No. 394:

Worshipful Master - Bro. Ernie Marzo

Senior Warden - Bro. Edgar Santos

Junior Warden - Bro. Elito Santarina,PM

This is the 100th Installation of Officers of Torrance University Lodge No 394, located at Torrance, California.

"And to all officers of the Lodge, again my congratulations!"

Bro. Caloy Antonio, PM
Los Angeles

Thursday, June 5, 2008

24th PMAAI 2008 Convention: August 29 – 31, 2008 Lincolnshire (Chicago), Ill

In an email by WBro Mario Dipasupil, PM, the 24th PMAAI Annual Convention 2008 to be hosted by the Filipino Travelers of Great Lakes will be held on the US Labor Day Weekend; August 29, 30 and 31, 2008 at the Marriot Lincolnshire, Ten Marriott Drive, Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069.

For further information please log on to the PMAAI web site by clicking here or to go directly to the convention page, click main title of this post.

The PMAAI is the acronym of the Philippine Masonic Association of America. An association of independently organized chapters across the United States of America.

Registration fee packages for individual and couples start at US$275 and US$500 (before August 1) respectively; inclusive of all main meals. Hotel accommodation and golf fees are extras.

Aside from the convention proper, golf games are organized for interested attendees.

Advertisement space are also for sale for the convention souvenir program.

Free Seminar on Freemasonry: 7 June

A one hour free seminar on Freemasonry will be conducted by WBro Harry P. Shaffer, Past Master and WBro E. Bruce Holley, Past Master on June 7, 2008 at the Springfield Masonic Lodge, 7001 Backlick Road, Springfield, Virginia.

The seminar will commence with a free breakfast at 9:30 AM and the seminar proper at 10:30 AM.

The event is sponsored by Ft Hunt Skidmore Daytime Lodge No 353 and Springfield Lodge No 217. Prospective attendees are Masonic candidates, newly installed Masons; and anyone who is interested in becoming a Freemason or anyone who would just want to learn soemthing about Virginia Masons. Wives, adult children and friends are all invited.

According to the email by Bro Freudian Fernandez of Fentress Lodge 296, AF & AM, Virginia Beach, VA, USA: "We will answer any question on Freemasonry, including what we do, what we teach and what we stand for."

RSVP not required.

Corollary to this, "a one day class will be held on August 16th at the Alexandria Scottish Rite Temple, in Alexandria.

All three Masonic Degrees will be given that day, that generally takes a minimum of three months to complete. If anyone is interested in joining the Masons, applications will be available that can be use for any Virginia Masonic Lodge. If you have any questions, please contact Bro Jerry Waller."

(Contact number deleted for privacy issues. Moderator)

Bro Antonio Lacsamana Drops Working Tools: 4 June 2008


Our brother Antonio Lacsamana was summoned by the Great Architect just a few minutes ago.

Let us pray for our fallen brother and extend our Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to his family.

May the Supreme Being bless brother Tony's soul and may he rest in peace.

More information to follow.


Bro. Raul Nadres
Granada Hills Lodge #378
California F&AM

May the GAOTU bless him and his family. Our deepest symphathies and condolences to the family and friends of Bro Tony Lacsamana.

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