Wednesday, July 30, 2008

District NCR A Lodge of Instruction


Check out the article about the recently conducted Lodge of Instruction by Masonic District NCR-A.

Click here to read the article at the MD-NCR-A's website:


Bro. Cris M. GAERLAN
Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305, F.&A.M.
Under the MW Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines
Masonic District NCR-A, Scottish Rite Temple, Taft Ave, Manila

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

90th Lodge Anniversary of Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48

"On behalf of our Worshipful Master, WBro Joey Lacson, the brethren of Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48 would like to extend our acknowledgement for the greetings and well-wishes that we received on our Lodge's 90th Birthday this July.

Our 90th Charter Anniversary will be on the 28th of January 2009.

Our Anniversary Theme is: 90 YEARS of HARMONY - A Foundation Towards A Stronger Society (Pamikakapatad. Pamisaupan. Katutuan.)

Brief history of our Lodge:

Our Lodge was founded in 1918, when fifteen (15) Capampangan Masons from eight (8) different lodges gathered in the old residence of the Abad Santos's here in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga for Masonic information and education. It was during one these meetings that the idea of forming a Lodge of their own was conceived. They prepared a request to the Grand Lodge for the issuance of a dispensation that would authorize them to form a lodge that will be named Pampanga Lodge. The petition for a Provisional Charter was drafted and ratified and was signed by these band of brothers.

In July 16, of the same year, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands granted the requested dispensation. The 15 signatories became our Lodge's Charter Members.

The Founding Fathers of Pampanga Lodge were Brothers Pedro Abad Santos, Saturnino Ocampo, Lucas G. Baviera, Isidro Makabali, Pablo Angeles David, Felix B. Bautista, Regino R. Gamboa, Ceferino Hilario, Pedro Malig, Marcelino Bustos Zabala, Isabelo de Silva, Benito Golding, Pacifico R. Panlilio, Bernardo Samson, and Mariano Tiglao.

MW Manuel L. Quezon - the Grand Master then, appointed from this roster of visionaries the First Three Lights for our Mother Lodge. Brother Pedro Abad Santos became the Worshipful Master in the East and Brothers Isabelo de Silva and Ceferino Hilario assumed the position of the Senior and Junior Wardens, respectively.

By the strength of the dispensation, the Members of our Lodge were authorized not only to accept petitions, but also to screen and elect petitioners. Five months later, during the period of dispensation, our Lodge conducted its First Raising Ceremony.

On December 28, 1918, the following candidates became Master Masons: Saturnino David, Pascual Gozun, Candido Hizon, Marciano Ordoñez, and Amado Pekson. To these five brethren, belong the honorable distinction of being the first members to be raised to the Sublime Degree of Masonry in Pampanga Lodge.

The Lodge received its Charter on January 28, 1919, during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands, which was signed by the new Grand Master, MW Bro Milton E. Springer and the Grand Secretary MW Bro Newton C. Comfort. The authorized name became Pampanga Masonic Lodge No. 48.

Two months later, on March 29, 1919, Grand Master Milton E. Springer, assisted by Francisco A. Delgado, Ladislao Jose, Miguel Unson and other Masonic dignitaries, constituted the Lodge and installed its officers at the Cine Exelsior in San Fernando, Pampanga before an audience of more than 1,000.

Juan L. Luna, the orator of the Lodge, delivered an address of welcome in Spanish.

Pascual Gozun spoke in Pampango on the Mission of Masonry - Pamikakapatad (Brotherly Love), Pamisaupan (Relief) at Katutuan (Truth)."

By Bro Joseph Harold W. Santiago (Lodge Historian )
Mother Lodge: Pampanga Masonic Lodge Lodge No.: No. 48
City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Tagaytay Lodge Constitution Anniversary: 4 August 2008

On August 4, 1962, Tagaytay Lodge No 165 was constituted by MW William H. Quasha and assisted by VW Hermogenes P. Oliveros as Master of Ceremonies.

Constitution ceremonies were held at Tagaytay City Auditorium, made possible through the good offices of WB Primitivo Ricafrente.

This coming Monday, August 4, 2008, there will be an anniversary celebration of the Constitution of Tagaytay Lodge No 165. For more details please contact the lodge officers or alternatively, click here for the Tagaytay Lodge No 165 website.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lodge Pampanga No 48: 90th Birthday

"Congratulations to the Brethren at Lodge Pampanga #48 on reaching their 90th birthday.

I'm sure the forefathers of this Lodge would be proud to know that their vision 90 years ago is today, a strong reality.

The Lodge was full yesterday and extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the Brethren. A further strength of this Lodge is that the average age of the officers and brethren is around 40 years old.

Well done Brothers!"

WB Al Kane
GLI at #48



To all the Brethren of Pampanga Masonic Lodge #48 on their 90th Anniversary,likewise to the Brethren of Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge #333 on their 8th Anniversary & Masonic Symposium which was celebrated last July 19.

Thanks to RW Peter Lim V. Lo Suy, DGM, as the Guest of Honor and VW Ike Arribas, Dean-IMES; as Symposium Resource Speaker."

Ronnie M. Manuel
JASML #333
Clarkfield, Pampanga

Pinoy Masons Worldwide also congratulates the officers and members of Pampanga Lodge No 48 on their 90th anniversary milestone; and Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge No 333 on their 8th Anniversary!

Friday, July 18, 2008

1st Vice Mayor Jolly A Garcia Invitational Shooting Competition: 18-20 July


I would like to invite all practical shooting enthusiasts to the 1st Vice Mayor Jolly A Garcia (Traveler from Cabanatuan City) Invitational Shooting Competition, level II PPSA Sanctioned Match, July 18 - 20 Calikid Sur, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

Sixty (60) trophies awaits you! See you there!

Bro Gerry "Ger" Madarang,
90/326 Munoz, N.E.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organizing the New "Brothers of Harmony" Masonic Choir

"Brethren All!

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Brother Boy Aniag, has made the first move towards the realization of a masonic choir in this local jurisdiction. Illustrious Brother Juanito Abergas, Grand Secretary General of the Supreme Council is joining the MW Grand Master in this move.

Actually there are several lodge choirs around the country, but one from the districts in the NCR would truly be a very historic and promising one. If you will recall in 1963 the Luzon Bodies, A. & A.S.R. organized the Brothers of Harmony which has reached a stature where it was considered one of the best, if not the best, male choir in the country. Time was not so kind that after around 20 years it died a natural death.

This time, the undersigned brother has been commissioned to try to organize one, not from one Bodies or Lodge, but from our rich pool of singing brethren in the Metro Manila area. We are therefore inviting you brethren, not necessarily music professionals or Pavarottis, but who could simply carry tunes, to join our music for fellowship, by responding to this call. This will be a weekly rehearsal session.

Please give your names, you lodge affiliation, your cell number and/or email address, your voice section (if you know) and send it right away to me through our GLP yahoo groups. Once we have received enough number of members, we will call an initial meeting which our MW Grand Master has graciously offered to host.

Please pass this invitation to the other brethren who may be interested. The more brethren, the better."

Brother Jose "Joe" Abejo, PM
Dapitan Lodge #21


First Meeting


"The first meeting, and organizational gathering of the New Brothers of Harmony is set for Monday, August 11 at 4PM at the Heroes Hall of the Scottish Rite Temple, Taft Avenue.

After our organizational meeting, MW Boy Aniag will host a merienda-cena/dinner at the Dreemhause, right beside the Scottish Rite.

Please let this be known to other singing brethren who may be interested to join
this new Masonic Choir."

Brother Joe Abejo


Grand Honors Band

We went to RJ and watched VW John Teng and his Minuteman band. They're good.

Actually the members of Grand Honors Band were there with me and the Sis, except our drummer, Atty. Olan.

VW Billy Sumagui
Tagaytay 165

The Unofficial Band of the GLP

VWBro Andy B. Singson: Untimely Demise - 17 July 2008


VW Andy B. Singson of Angalo 63 dropped his working tools 1:00 a.m. today, July 17, 2008.

Please pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

Death is not a grim tyrant, but a kind messenger sent to translate us from this imperfect to that all perfect, glorious, and celestial lodge above, where the GAOTU forever presides.

Thank you for your aid and assistance during our hour of grief. On behalf of VW Andy's family, I like to extend our deep appreciation for your condolences and symphaties. We will be forever grateful."

VW Gerry B. Singson, PDDGM
Secretary - Angalo Lodge No 63

Pinoy Masons Worldwide would like to extend our prayers, deep symphaties and condolences to the family, brethren and friends of the late VWBro Andy B. Singson; most especially to our VWBro Gerry B. Singson.



"No longer mourn for me when I am dead
Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell
Give warning to the world that I am fled
From this vile world, with vilest worms to dwell:

Nay if you read this line, remember not
The hand that writ it, for I love you so
That in your sweet thoughts would be forgot,
If thinking on me then should make you woe."

Sonnet LXXI William Shakespeare


Those who wish to join us in conferring the Masonic Last Rites to our dearly departed VW Andy B. Singson, the said conferral is scheduled on Wednesday, July 23, 2007, 7pm at his resthouse in Rosario, La Union.

Interment is 9am July 24, 2007, Thursday.

Again, on behalf of Angalo Lodge 63 and the Family of the late VW Andy B. Singson, we thank you for all the assistance, symphaties and condolences you have extended to us.

VW Gerry B. Singson, PDDGM
Secretary, Angalo Lodge No 63

Sydney World Youth Day: The Pope

Bro Gerry and Bro Louie Reyes emailed me the above picture showing The Pope, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and the current Governor General, The Honorable and Bro Michael Jeffries.

As you may or may not know, Sydney (Australia) is hosting the World Youth Day 2008, from 15 to 20 July 2008.

Friday, July 11, 2008

San Diego Fair Masonic Booth Report


Finally the San Diego Fair is over. The Masonic Booth was taken down last Monday. I must admit it was expensive (gas, food was a rip off…etc) and tiring for us old folks but it was all well worth it.

I don’t have the exact stats but we did much better than last year. We gave out more Child ID’s this year, we also had more lead cards signed. For your information we were able to raise 10 Master Masons from these lead cards last year. If any of the San Diego Lodges need the ID system just give me a call or shoot me an email.

My apologies to the brethren of Southwest Lodge for the mis-communication… Opsiee... I also forgot my cell last July 4th at home (another of my mature moments).

I already locked and loaded Southwest Lodge on the last Saturday for next year's fair. My hats off to the brethren of SW Lodge and WBro Bob Astudillo for launching the Kimball DeMolay Chapter. Please support their breakfast fundraising on July 27 from 8am-1pm. Let’s start our sons, nephews etc on the right path make them join the DeMolays.


Bro Joel Narciso, Coordinator
San Diego Fair Masonic Booth"

Some of the brethren taking a breather at the SD Fair Masonic Child ID Booth.

On behalf of the Child Id Committee of the Grand Lodge of California, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of the following at the Masonic Child ID Booth during the San Diego Fair:

WM Fil Garcia: Sitting Master, Black Mountain Lodge #845

WM Rudy Alquero: Past Master, Black Mountain Lodge #845

Bro Bernie Gapus: Black Mountain Lodge #845

Bro Ben Cueto: Black Mountain Lodge #845

Bro Artzell Bautista: Southwest Lodge #283

Mr Sherwin Viscocho: candidate, Black Mountain Lodge #845

Mr Arnel Zapata: candidate, Black Mountain Lodge #845

Mr Alex Farfan, volunteer

Bro Joel and son, JT at the booth working on "Father's Day".

And my son JT (10 yrs old) who enjoys every Masonic endeavour that we perform. I can bet my Masonic wages that he has attended more Masonic functions... :^). He once asked me how to be a Worshipful, “you must have the Masonic hearth, humility and hard work” (which sorry to say I don’t have) . Who knows we might have the first Filipino GM of California in the making.

Bro Joel Narciso, Coordinator
San Diego Fair Masonic Booth
Black Mountain Lodge No 845 (GLC)
Kimball DeMolay Chapter
I would like to thank WBro Bob Astudillo, his Lady and the Brethren of Southwest Lodge No 283 for stepping up to revive the Demolay Chapter in National City.
WBro Bob is one of the few Past Masters who after having served his Lodge, continuously makes every effort to find ways to enrich Masonic traditions. We Masons owe him a great deal of gratitude, because his efforts positively reflects on ALL of us “Masons”.
I suspect one of his secrets is his better half, who’s been always there to support him (sarap naman). Worshi! More power! I wish we have more PM’s like you, you have my 110% support!"
Bro Joel Narciso, NHL #632

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bro Regalado Francisco Drops Working Tools: 2 July 2008

"Worshipful Sirs and Brethren,

Brother Regalado Francisco of Okinawa Lodge No 118, under the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, has dropped his working tools last July 02, 2008.

His Widow, family and friends requested this morning a Masonic Service for our Brother. Masonic Service will be given by Silver Gate Three Stars Lodge No 296 of San Diego at Humphrey Mortuary, 753 Broadway St. Chula Vista, CA, tonight, 7PM, (Jul 08, 2008).

Sorry for the short notice. Brethren, please let's give a "Moment of Silence" to our Departed Brother. May he rest in Peace......

Thank you and God Bless.


Bro Carding Edra, WM
SGTS Lodge 296 San Diego, CA 92104"

Our deepest condolences and our prayers to Bro Regalado Francisco's widow, family and friends for their loss.

Pinoy Masons Worldwide

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cosme Relief Funds: Breakfast Fund Raising 9 August 2008

From an email by Bro William "Bradpans" Francia, the founding moderator of Pinoy Masons Yahoo Groups:

"Wanted all Filipino Masons, family and friends in San Diego area and vicinity. Let us get together for breakfast on 9 August 2008, 8 AM -12 PM at Southwest Lodge #283, 1140 "B" Avenue, National City, CA.

Proceeds goes to "Cosme Relief Funds" for purchasing school supplies for Sta Cruz, Zambales. In coordination with Bro Luisito Marty, incumbent Mayor and WM of Sagrada Familia Lodge.

Donation: $5 and free line dancing lessons.

For reservation and tickets: Contact: or call cell 619 708 3280."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Father's Day Ceremony: July 13, 2008

"The Fathers' Day Ceremony originally scheduled last June 22, but was cancelled due to typhoon Frank, has been rescheduled on Sunday, July 13, 2008.

Dad Masons, especially fathers are invited by the Masonic youth organizations (DeMolays, Rainbows and Job's Daughters) to witness the ceremony to be performed by the Rainbow Girls to honor all fathers.

It will be held at the Jose Abad Santos Hall, Grand Lodge Bldg., San Marcelino, Manila, at 2:00 p.m. on the aforementioned date. This is under the sponsorship of the Committee on Youth of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines (GLP).

Refreshments will be served after the ceremony at the Emilio Aguinaldo Hall."

(Via email by Bro Joey Redor, Bagumbayan Lodge No. 4)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Block Screening: The Dark Knight - 17 July


"Greetings of fraternal love and peace!

BAGONG BUHAY LODGE NO. 17 F. & A.M. under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines will sponsor the BLOCKED SCREENING of the film: The Dark Knight. It is an action-adventure movie with lead stars Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as Joker. The movie screening will be held on July 17, 2008 (Thursday), Cinema 1, 7:45 P.M. at ALABANG TOWN CENTER MALL, Brgy. Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa City. Proceeds of this fundraising initiative is primarily for the benefit of “The WB Ladislao Diwa Scholarship Program for the Orphans”.

In this line, we are humbly knocking on your hearts for support and patronage. Ticket is at P500.00 each. Let us help send orphans of our fallen brethren go to school. Bring the whole family and enjoy the film knowing that we fulfilled one of our primordial obligations as Master Masons. For details, please feel free to contact Bro. Richard V. Alcantara on his mobile no. 09186619425.

We sincerely look forward to your favorable response on this noble cause. Thank you very much and may the blessings of The Great Architect of the Universe always be with us all."

Sincerely and Fraternally Yours,

Worshipful Master
Bagong Buhay Lodge # 17 MWGLP