Sunday, November 29, 2009

VWBro Arwin Q Aro dropped working tools: 27 Nov 2009

VWBro. Arwin Q. Aro IV, of  Isarog Lodge #33, Concepcion Paquena, Naga City, dropped his working tools this morning Nov. 27, 2009.

His body lies at Imperial Chapel, Penafrancia Ave. Naga City. Interment will be on Nov. 30, 2009.

May GAOTU bless his soul.

Bro. Aurelio Constantino
Kalilayan Lodge 37


This is indeed a very sad and unfortunate moment.

VWBro Arwin is a great friend and a true upright brother whose character is undoubtedly worthy of emulation. He is very active member/officer of Isarog Lodge #53 and a driving force of its Masonic Assistance for Rural Communities (MARC), Inc. which is genuinely committed to help and assist the needy who are stricken with inadequacies in life. Some of those projects are medical-dental relief operations, gift giving during Christmas, and other Livelihood projects.

During the aftermath of Typhoons Reming and Seniang, he was one of the very first from Bicol (the other one that I know is WBro Dean Capucao) to lunch a coordinated relief operation within the Pinoy Masons egroup to help and assist the typhoon victims.

Pinoy Masons was just around over 500-member at that time but the turn out of donations and all kinds of help seemed to have been from over 5000 members.

Two more months and he will have his 43rd birthday (January 3). I guess he had a better way of celebrating since he will now have the GAOTU in his side when he blow those candles lighting his birthday cake. 

To Sis Lily and Regine, Bro Mike, family and loved ones ---- my heart is deeply wounded and saddened by his departure. Please accept my heartfelt condolence during these moments of loss and sorrow.

"Eternal rest grand unto my great friend and VWBro Arwin, Oh Lord.... and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace...... Amen."

So Mote It Be!

Manoy Arwin, the other side of me is saying, "You are not dead to me, they all have lied....."


Jay Orolfo, PM
Guardian Lodge #53, Fallon, NV
Aomori Lodge #10, Misawa, Japan


Our deepest condolences to the family of Bro. Arwin Q. Aro IV.
May the GAOTU guide his soul in the house not made with hands and bless his family always.

On the level,

Bro.. Alan Libungan
Black Mountain Lodge #845
San Diego, CA


To the Family of Bro Arwin,

My deepest condolence... It was been a great opportunity knowing Brother Arwin during our chat.

Yet, i truly believe he already did his purpose in this temporary and now live with our Great Architect
to a place he was meant to be.

Bro Geng Schuck
DrAMM ::283
Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay

From Muog #89: Requiem eternam! May the angels meet you in that country where sorrow and pain are no more but life everlasting!

Bro Joel Porlares
Muog Lodge #89


In behalf of the members of this group [Pinoy Masons Yahoogroups] and my family please extend to the bereaved relatives and friends of our Brother Arwin our sincere sympathy in their hour of sorrow...

He was the one updating me about their lodge, his business endeavors and his dream to be a lawyer...

Until then my brother, until then farewell!!!

"It is not how long you live that counts but it is how you enjoy your life!!!

William Rabara "bradpans" Francia
Pinatubo Lodge #52, San Narciso, Zambales
South West lodge #283, National City, CA

Kami po sa indang masonic lodge no. 115 ay nakikiramay sa pamilya ni bro arwin aro. well done my good and faithfull servant. until then, kapatid.

on the level,

bro elmer astudillo
wm - indang masonic lodge no. 115
masonic district region IV-A

My condolence to the Family of Bro Arwin.

May the blessings of heaven rests upon you and your family my brother.

"WE DO GOOD THINGS BETTER" - pinoymasons

bert guiang
anacapa 710
oxnard, ca

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and PMAAI Medical Mission 2009


As we near the time of year when all our families reconvene and all our energies are focused on fellowship, camaraderie, and turkey, let's all be reminded that to be thankful is to appreciate the people and enormous blessing connected to us.

This year, perhaps more than any in recent memory, has taught us that nothing is more necessary to a fulfilled life than being around our closest families and friends. In a year when many of our countrymen have seen their life savings swept away - whether by typhoons in the Philippines or by a stock market meltdown on Wall Street - we are truly reminded that the love of family and friends transcends any hardship that may cross our paths.

When a deluge ravaged Manila, it was Filipino camaraderie that carried our countrymen through the heartbreak. When the worldwide financial crisis left many of us without adequate means, it was the necessities of our immediate family that kept us going.

We, as the Philippine Masonic Association of America, Incorporated [PMAAI], may know more than anyone what it is to have a brotherhood whose reach crosses geographical and cultural boundaries. We understand what it is to have a support network when the going gets tough and to whom to turn when we seek help.

So, Brethren, this Thanksgiving, hold your family and friends closer than you ever have - and reach out to someone who may not be as fortunate as we are to have such a close brotherhood. It may make a difference to them more than we may ever know.

In light of this wonderful American tradition, please allow me to share the success of our recent PMAAI-sponsored Medical Mission held in Barangay Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, on November 2 - 5, 2009. We were humbled to serve 1,700 needy countrymen in the four short days we were in Pasig.

The remaining medicines and medical supplies were officially donated to Bagong Ilog Barangay Health Center on Friday, November 6th. And due to Mayor Robert Eusebio's(of Pasig City) delight with the Mission, he likewise donated a brand new, much needed, Dental Chair to the same Health Center just a few days later.

I am forever thankful to all of you, my brothers and sisters, for your support. To Brothers Phil Caliolio, Louie Decena, Jim Klinefelter & Fred Magsino and Sisters Faye Decena, Rose Magsino & Charrie Caliolio, thank you for helping me represent our organization in your presence. To the rest of my PMAAI brothers who took time out of your hectic Philippine vacation to visit and assist the Medical Mission in any form or capacity, thank you very much.

I would be remiss if I fail to mention the following who were also very instrumental in the success of the Mission; Memphis Mission of Mercy (Mr. & Mrs. Noli Zalamea-Founders), MW Bro Peter Lim Lo Suy, brothers & sisters from the Grand Lodge of the Philippines & its medical volunteers, Officers and members of Silanganan Lodge #19 under the leadership of WM Bro Willie Reyes, Kagitingan Lodge, VW Bro James Olayvar for his perseverance, VW Bro Elpedio de Chaves, WBro Rick Fulgencio, VW Bro Emil de la Rosa, Pasig Medical Society, Nueva Ecija Medical Society, Philippine Medical Association (PMA), Dr. Dollie Barawid-Prado for shouldering the most difficult task of all, being the Coordinator; to the brothers and sisters of my local chapter, PMATI (Memphis, TN Chapter), to my PMAAI brothers and sisters who have remained behind the scene; for your moral support and prayers and for believing in this vision. Special mention also to the Councils and staff of Barangay Bagong Ilog, Pasig, under the leadership of Captain Ferdinand “Bing” Avis, and finally, to Pasig Mayor Robert C. Eusebio for welcoming the volunteers to his city with open arms.

To the rest of the membership, please allow me to share the pictures during the Medical Mission thru YouTube. Please click on the URL below.

My family and I greet you a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!

May the GAOTU bless us all.

Sincerely & fraternally,

Bro. Dandy Barawid, PM
PMAAI President
2008 - 2010 v=B_S-naO3hMw v=qkZVLQFjm-w v=14mxl7pn4wo v=-ORjNm-DClQ v=fyJHQHy1-RE v=ogzZPI9tQOM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30th Anniversary - A Bonifacio Lodge No 199: 30 Nov


ANDRES BONIFACIO LODGE 199 under the leadership of its energetic Worshipful Master, WBro JOJO LOGRONIO and its members is celebrating its 30th anniversary on 30 November 2009. A wreath laying ceremony will be held at the UP DILIMAN campus (BONIFACIO MONUMENT) at 6:00 am and celebration shall continue at the LA MESA PARK in QUEZON CITY.


Bro. Jofran "Jojo" De Onon


Congrats to ABL 199 on the occasion of your 30th anniversary. I have been
able to attend one of your anniversaries and it was a memorable one for me
at the La Mesa Park.

Bro. Joji Bulawin, PDDGM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maynilad Lodge Issued Dispensation: Nov 2009

Brethren all,

I am happy to be a part of Washington's newest lodge designed with a Philippine motiff to bring together Filipino masons into a major masonic community. In two weeks we have subscribed 23 members and expect to have 40 charter members by year end.

Kenneth Gibala, PM MPS
Secretary - MAYNILAD Lodge UD
Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia


*Re: MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D. *

Greetings Brethren:

Please be informed that our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Kwame Acquaah, has issued a dispensation (No. 09-25) to a number of regular Freemasons to establish a Lodge in this jurisdiction, under the name of *MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D.*, to work using the D.C. Ritual in English and in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M., of the District of Columbia.

Alianza Fraternal Americana Lodge No. 92, at its Wednesday, November 18, 2009 stated communication, resolved to support the formation of said new lodge and recommended to the Grand Master that he give favorable consideration to the prayer of the petitioners.

Worshipful Brothers Teddy Villapando, PM; Generoso Calonge, PM; and Edward Usita, PM have been appointed to serve as the first Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden respectively.

An announcement of the date, time and place for the organizational meeting and installation of the officers of MAYNILAD Lodge, U.D. will be forthcoming.

Cordially and fraternally,

Mansour Hatefi, PGM
Grand Secretary

Muog FunShoot: 28-29 Nov & Medical Mission: 5 & 12 Dec


Inviting you to FUNSHOOT of Muog Lodge No. 89.

Date: November 28-29, 2009
Venue: Trident Firing Range
Location: Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
Ticket Price: Php 600.00

We also invite you to support our Medical and Dental Missions:

A. December 5, 2009 9-4pm @ Morong, Rizal

B. December 12, 2009 8-3pm @ Muog Temple, San Dionisio, Paranaque City.

The medical & dental mission is a joint project with Geminez ::370.

Bro Joel Porlares
Muog Lodge #89
Paranaque City
Pasay City

Friday, November 13, 2009

Masonic Memorial Service: Bro F F Cordero - 28 Nov

Worshipful Sirs and Brethren,

The "Cordero" Family cordially invites you on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009 for a Masonic Memorial Srvice for my late father, Filomeno F. Cordero, to be held in South West Lodge #283.

My late father was a member of Angalo Lodge #63 of Vigan City Philippines. A dispensation courtesy and granted by the District Inspector, Wor. Bro Dan Sola; and Wor. Bro Larry Devera also extend this courtesy, gave me permission to use the South West Lodge for this event.

Wor. Bro Ernie Lampa will be Funeral Master and Bro. Raul Nooris, JW elect will be the Chaplain.

An "Urn" containing my father's ashes were brought here from the Philippines, to join my mother's grave in Glenn Abbey Cemetery.
Refresments and Dinner will be serve after the service:

Address: 1140-B Avenue National City Ca. 91951

Assemly: 4:00 PM

Memorial Service: 5:00 PM

Sincerely and fraternally,

Oscar R. Cordero
Master-elect 2010
South West Lodge #283

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Fellowship & Celebrations

From left - Kuyang Ferdie, Kuyang George, Kuyang Reden, Kuyang Jun at Kuyang Cris,Standing - Guest brother, Kuyang Phil.

Brother Masons celebrating VETERANS DAY at Applebees in Vallejo CA.

Cris Enriquez
Sublime Lodge#831(Formerly)
Sublime Benicia Lodge#5
American Canyon CA (BAY AREA)


Coronado Lodge 441 celebrated Veterans Day to honor all veterans of the armed services, by exemplifying a Table Lodge, complete with the seven traditional toasts.The orders for toasting, followed by a battery of 3x3 and 'Vivat' given thrice.

Table Masters were led by Bro. Dave Bean, [Capt USN Ret] and Bro. Caloy Buzon, [SC, Capt USN Ret.] and candidate was Robert B Catre, [HM2, USN] of Southwest Lodge #283, accompanied by their officers. Fines galore for all procedural infractions!

Retired and active duty personnel wore their uniforms, whether they fitted or not. It is also a day to be proud that we are citizens of a nation made great by the sacrifices and dedication of similar personnel who have served in the past, present and future and who honorably served their country.

Joe Lazaro
Coronado Lodge 441 GLC
Palanyag Lodge 323 GLP

Suggested readings:

1.  History & Ritual of Table Lodge -

2.  How to conduct one -   [Iowa]

3.  Guidelines -  [Maine]

4.  Script - [California]

5.  Texan Table lodge of Instruction - [Texas]

6.  Indiana Bulletin with music - [Indiana]

7.  For more or further information, Google "Table Lodge"

Mabuhay Shriners Hot Sands Ceremonials: 19-21 Nov Iloilo City

We are happy to inform you that Mabuhay Shriners will be holding it's 2nd Hot Sands Ceremonials on Nov. 19-21, 2009 in Iloilo City and to be hosted by the Filipinas Shrine Club, Iloilo Chapter.

Herunder are the details:

Venue: Punta Villa Resort Hotel, Iloilo City

Date: Nov. 19-21, 2009

Requirements for Nobles:

A. Registration Fee will only be P1,500.00 and will cover the lunch & dinner on 20 to 21 November and a Shrine T-shirt.

B. Room accomodations at own expense, you may coordinate or call Noble President Edgar Elechicon (Cell No. : 09207058336).

C. All Nobles are requested to bring the following:

a) Mabuhay FEZ (or other temples)

b) Dark Pants and Long Sleeve Barong for Potentate's Ball

c) 2008 or 2009 Dues Card

Requirements for the Novices:

A. Payment of registration fee of P16,000.00 and will cover the following:

1) 2009(full year) Mabuhay Shriner's dues and Filipinas Shrine Club local dues.

2) Meals and room accomodation on Nov. 20 and 21 as follows:

a) Meals, both lunch and dinner for 20-21 November, plus breakfast for the 21st November. Sisters who will attend the Potentate's Ball will only be assessed P500.00 per.

b) Hotel accomodation for Nov. 20 and 21at Punta Villa Resort Hotel. Check out Nov. 22 lunchtime.

c) Please be prepared with additional funds for the Slave Auction with a minimum of P2,000.

3) Ceremonial Fees, Mabuhay Shriner's FEZ and one Shrine T-shirt.

B. The following should be brought/submitted:

1) 2009 Blue Lodge Dues Card

2) 2 copies of Petition for Initiation and Membership with 2 pieces 2X2 pictures attached.

3) White rubber shoes, a pair of red socks, white t-shirt and short pants.
4) 6 packs of candies and 5 pieces of any toy that can make a 10 year old or below child happy.

5) Long sleeves Barong Tagalog and black pants for the Potentate's Ball.

Schedule of Activities are as follows:

Nov. 19, 2009 - 1:00PM - 5:00 PM Registration of Novices and Nobles at the YMCA, Iznart St. Corner Gen. Luna (Near Day's Hotel).

Please disseminate to all Nobles and Master Masons.

Ours is the greatest PHILANTHROPY in the world today.

The Crippled and Burned Children calls for your attendance and support.

Thank you and see you soon!!!

Fraternally yours,

Noble Edgar Elechicon
Filipinas Shrine Club

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Atty. Jason J. Zapanta
General Counsel
Mabuhay Shriners
Silanganan Lodge No. 19

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UAE Filipino Travelers Club

There's no Lodge in UAE, particularly here in Abu Dhabi but we do have a registered masonic association. FTC (Filipino Travelers Club), registered with Philippine Embassy.. We regularly meet every first Thursday of the month 7 PM.

Bro Diosdado B Dimalanta
PM, Itawes Lodge 215
FTC-Abu Dhabi

23rd Multi-District Convention Concluded

Our Tri-District Convention (Nov 06-07, 2009), hosted by Urdaneta Lodge No 302 held at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, has just been concluded with Siete Martires Lodge No 177 winning the bid (based on historical hosting rotation) to host the 24th Tri-District Convention to be held in San Fernando City, La Union on a date yet to be established; but traditionally within the month of November next year 2010.

Congratulations to the host lodge led by WM, Bro Edwin Orden & host district, led by DDGM VWBro Rex Alvin Bilagot for a convention well organized, well attended & very informative.

The Masonic Education conducted by VWBro Robert Asuncion was eye-popping even at the inevitable hours of drowsiness for the information contained therein are exactly what we needed to know.

Of note, is the attendance of our MW Bro Peter U. Lim Lo Suy who sat down with us in an informal manner & enlightened us on most of the things that were mysteries to most of us. Thank you MW Sir for coming down on the level & being as candid, frank & honest with us all [as it can be].

The districts & lodges comprising our group are:

District RI-A composed of Urdaneta Lodge No 302 (host), Pangasinan Lodge No 56, Agno Lodge No 75, Alfonso Lee Sin Lodge No 158, Moises J. De Guzman Lodge No 161, Hundred Island Lodge No 201, E. A. Tamondong Sr Lodge No 217 and Mangaldan Lodge No 354.

District RI-CAR (C) composed of Laoag Lodge No 71, Angalo Lodge No 63, Abra Lodge No 86 and Lam-ang Lodge No 164.

District RI-CAR (B) composed of Baguio Lodge No 67, Union Lodge No 70, Siete Martires Lodge No 177, La Trinidad Lodge No 344 and Agoo Lodge (UD).

Bro Pete M. Velasco, Jr.
Siete Martires :: 177
San Fernando City, La Union
Baguio Lodge No 67
Baguio City, Benguet

Monday, November 9, 2009

Virginia GL ANCOM


I just came back from the Grand Lodge [Virginia USA] Annual Communication last night and it is a great pleasure to inform you the good news:

Rt Wor. Bro. Ernie Soriano (Victory Daylight) - selected as Grand Pursuivant.

Rt Wor. Bro. Manny Elefain (Owens Lodge) - DDGM for Masonic District 35A.

Owens Lodge No 164 and Victory Daylight Lodge No 1778 - winners of the Noah Hillman Award.

Wor. Bro. Joey Santos (Owens Lodge) and Wor. Bro. Jess Paule (Victory Daylight) - Outstanding Worshipful Masters

Congratulations to all!

Sincerely & fraternally,

Bro. Jess Paule
Victory Daylight Lodge No 1778 - Norfolk, VA



Please join me in congratulating our brothers from Virginia.

We are proud of you.

Sincerely & fraternally,

Manolo Gatbonton, PM
Victory Daylight Lodge No 1778 - Norfolk, VA
Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kimball DeMolay Chapter Install: 7 Nov

International Order of DeMolay


Second-Semi Annual Installation of Officers


November 7, 2009

7:00 PM

South West Lodge Masonic Hall

1140 “B” Avenue, National City, Ca 91950



Fraternally & sincerely,

Bro. Leo Sapitanan
Kintai Lodge #16 Iwukuni Japan, MWGLJ
Grand Mound Historic Lodge#3 Tacoma Washington, MWGLW
Scottish Rite SJ, Valley of Tokyo Orient of Japan and Korea
AL-Malaikah Shriner Los Angeles California Temple
DeMolay Advisor, Kimball Chapter, National City California