Friday, August 12, 2011

VWBro Carlo A Hilario Drops Working Tools: 10 Aug 2011

A very sad day brethren, VW Bro Carlo A. Hilario PDDGM of MD11-A, PM of PODOMO LODGE 294, a very active Brother dropped his working tools around lunch time today.
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VW Bro Carlo A. Hilario, PDDGM

Born on November 16, 1971.

Dropped his working tools on August 10, 2011.

We will miss you, Very Worshipful Sir, Sir Knight, and Companion.

Farewell, Bro. Carlo. Farewell....

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Tagaytay Lodge Dedication day: 4 Aug

The sun has shown to my surprise. The past days had been storms, rains and lots of rain. I lost my bet that today too will be a rainy day. My brothers have more hope and faith than what I have. For the past days, VW Bro Mayor Bambol Tolentino had been offering eggs with the Pink Sisters Convent praying for the Almighty to stop the rains on Aug 4. Indeed it stopped. I now believe in miracles. As I am editing this piece that I have written last night, the rain is pouring so hard that I believe that volume of rain today includes the rains that did not fall yesterday. The final day has come. The years of labor finally has come to a realization. The fact is, the lodge is blessed by having the mayor as a brother. I was never hoping that a lodge as wonderful as this will be erected in my lifetime. Here it is! A reality!

Without our brother Mayor doing the heavy tasks, this is close to impossibility in my lifetime. I was not expecting him, VW Bro Noel and VW Bro Greg Monreal doing and directing the works personally, with extreme dedication and on a daily basis. Such efforts cannot be compared with any other efforts done before by anybody in our lodge. I am rating it as MAGNANIMOUSLY EXCELLENT! The brothers have done their own share. Assistance in all forms were readily given without much efforts of asking. Brothers have been rendering their own share without even asking. This is Tagaytay Lodge No. 165 worth emulation. I am right in joining Freemasonry as I am trained to be as selfless as they are. Today and for always, I say with great pride that I am a Mason. To all who joined in this our 49th Anniversary, we tender our gratitude, especially to the Most Worshipful Juanito P. Abergas.

By VW Avelino M. Sumagui
August 5, 2011